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Unusual presentation of posterior scleritis

Authors: Shinisha D P, Suma Elangovan, Sanjeev Kumar Puri, Balaji Ramanathan

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016, 5, 2:54-57 | pdf PDF Full Text

Posterior Scleritis presents with serous retinal detachment, choroidal folds or both. We are presenting a female
patient who showed signs of Neuroretinitis in fundus during early stages. A routine B-scan was done which revealed
Positive T-sign suggestive of Posterior Scleritis. The patient was started on I.V steroids and had a drastic
improvement in her vision. This case demonstrates the importance of B-scan as a routine investigation in evaluation
of the optic nerve and retinal inflammations even in clear media. At later stages the patient presented with a lesion
mimicking choroidal melanoma. This case is presented for its rarity.
Keywords : posterior scleritis, Neuroretinitis, T-sign

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