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Unusual hydatid cyst in a 16 years old girl presented by shoulder pain

Authors: Moradian Farid, Mohammad Ahmadi and Zahra Nikeghbalian

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Hydatid disease is caused by Echinococcus granulosus and is endemic in many parts of the world, including Iran.
This parasitic tapeworm can produce cysts in almost every organ of the body, with the liver and lung being the most
frequently targeted organs. However, the cyst tends to appear in different and sometimes unusual body sites in
various geographical areas of the world. In this report we have presented a 16 years old girl that presented by
abdominal pain and shoulder pain that was diagnosed as liver cyst and CT scan revealed a large cyst in liver and a
large cyst in right lung that diagnosed as hydatid cyst.
Keywords: Hepatopulmonary, Liver, Hydatid Cyst

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