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Toxoplasma gondii and Downregulation of Gamma Interferon

Authors: Nader Pestechian, Roghiyeh Faridnia, Hosein Khanahmad Shahreza and Hamed Kalani

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This study was designed to evaluate the gene expression level of IFN-γ in murine leukocytes treated by Toxoplasma
gondii products in vivo using quantitative real time-PCR (Q-PCR) method. The mice considered as test groups were
treated separately by Toxoplasma lysate product (TLP), excretory/secretory products (ESPs) obtained from cell free
and cell culture media as well as active tachyzoites. The mice in the control group received phosphate buffered
saline (PBS). The peritoneal leukocytes of the mice were harvested separately and their total RNA was extracted,
converted to cDNA, and the gene expression level of IFN-γ was measured in all of the test groups relative to the
control one. The results showed that the gene expression level of IFN-γ was decreased in the groups of the ESP from
cell free medium (P=0.03), the TLP (P=0.02), and the active tachyzoite (P=0.16). Moreover, there was no
significant difference statistically for the group of the ESP from cell culture medium (P=0.33). The findings revealed
for the first time that the TLP and the ESP from cell free medium contain molecules that are capable of
downregulating the expression of IFN-γ. Therefore, the question arises as to which molecules in these two products
are involved in this process?
Keywords: Toxoplasma gondii, Gamma interferon, IFN-γ

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