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The survey of the test anxiety among the university students and its relationship with some of the demographic characteristics in Urmia medical sciences university in 2016

Authors: Ali Reza Salar, Rahim Baghaei, Sadegh Zare and Hesam Salar

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The results of the tests and exams exert considerable effects on various aspects of the individuals’ lives. Therefore,
the university students are naturally faced with test anxiety at the time of the exams. Such an anxiety sometimes gets
so enormous that the students’ activities are constrained. Thus, the present study aims at the survey of the test
anxiety among the city of Urmia’s medical sciences university students. In the present descriptive-analytical
research 300 individuals from the city of Urmia’s medical sciences university participated in 2013. The sampling
has been carried out based on a randomized clustering method. The information was gathered by means of a twopart
questionnaire. The first part of which pertained to the demographic characteristics and the second part was
related to test anxiety questionnaire. The data were analyzed by taking advantage of SPSS ver.19, descriptive
statistics, Pierson correlation test and independent t-test. The results of the present study indicated that the
individuals’ average age was 21.83 ± 3.2 years of age and 113 individuals were female. The results of the data
analysis indicated that there is a significant relationship between the place of education and the individuals’ selfefficacy
mean scores. Also, the relationship between the age and the test anxiety mean score was not statistically
significant among the students, but the relationship between gender and the students’ test anxiety mean score was
statistically significant. The test anxiety total mean score among all of the university students was calculated to be
23.15 ± 6.19. According to the results obtained in the present study it seems that the university students’ test anxiety
should be brought to attention and it is suggested hereby that the anxiety control sessions and the anxiety
management classes should be blended within a lesson plan and the university students should be taught with the
material related thereto from their early academic life in order for them to be able to increase their adaptation

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