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The study of moral sensitivity of fasting nurses working in Therapeutic Educational hospitals of Jahrom

Authors: Lotfollah Dezhkam , Zahra kargar , Navid Kalani,Mansour darvishi Tafvizi, Hossein Kargar Jahromi, Mohammad Hossein Modabber, Fatemeh Foroutan Jahromi and Mohammad Sadegh darvishi Tafvizi

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Today, with increasing medical knowledge and clinical interventions, pay attention to ethical issues in the field of
nursing work has acquired particular importance. The aim of this study was to evaluate amount of ethical sensitivity
of fasting nurses working in Therapeutic Educational hospitals, of Jahrom. This study was a descriptive analysis
conducted on nurses of training and treatment centers of Jahrom in 1394. After presenting introductory letter, the
list of nurses was prepared and it was conducted according to the number of nurses in each ward prepared in
simple random sampling. Gathering tool consisted of demographic information and moral sensitivity questionnaire
of Lu¨tze´n and colleagues. The data from this study was performed using spss version 21 and chi-square software.
In this study, 208 nurses working in Therapeutic Educational hospitals of Jahrom were enrolled from whom 77.8%
were female and 22.2 were male.The moral sensitivity of 55.3% of nurses (fasting and non-fasting) was high, 43.3%
moderate and only 1.4 percent was low.In fasting group, moral sensitivity average of 48.7 percent was high, 49.6
percent moderate, and only 1.7 percent of them had low moral sensitivity.◌َAmong non-fasting people, 55.3% had
moderate moral sensitivity, 42.6 percent had high moral sensitivity, and only 2.1 percent had low moral sensitivity.
Chi-square test results show that there is no significant relationship between the level of moral sensitivity and
fasting (p-value>0/05). The results of this study showed that moral sensitivity in the majority of nurses is in high
Key words: moral sensitivity of, nurses, fasting people

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