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The Role of Early Maladaptive Schemas in Prediction of Dysfunctional Attitudes toward Drug Abuse among Students of university

Authors: NedaNaeemi, Bahram Gheytarani and Shahrbanoo Ghahari

Int J Med Res Health Sci.571-575 | pdf PDF Full Text

Drug addiction as the most serious social issue of the world has different sociological, psychological, legal, and
political aspects. In this regard, the purpose of this study is to determine the role of early maladaptive schemas in
prediction of dysfunctional attitudes toward drug abuse among students of Islamic Azad Universities in Tehran
Province, Iran. Statistical population of this study includes all students of Islamic Azad Universities in Tehran
Province during 2013 and sample size is equal to 300 members that are randomly chosen. First, the name of
university branches in Tehran Province were determined then three branches were randomly chosen out of them
and then 300 members were chosen from those branches using random sampling method. All sample members filled
out Young Schema Questionnaire Short Form and Dysfunctional Attitude Scale (DAS) toward drug. Data were
analyzed through regression correlation method and SPSS22 software. The obtained findings indicated a significant
relation (P<0/05) between early maladaptive schemas and dysfunctional attitude toward drug abuse among
students. Early maladaptive schemas can predict dysfunctional attitudes toward drug among students.
Keywords: early maladaptive schemas, dysfunctional attitude, drug abuse, student

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