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The role of adult attachment dimensions and body image in sexual function of married female students

Authors: Mehdi Rahimi, Mina Mosallayi Poor Yazdiand Hamid Naderi

Int J Med Res Health Sci.170-177 | pdf PDF Full Text

This research has been conducted to investigate the relationship between adult attachment dimensions and body
image with sexual function. For this purpose, 300 married female BA students at Yazd University were chosen by
volunteer sampling. The instruments of this study included the Collins attachment dimensions scale (1996), Marsh’s
Physical Self-Description Questionnaire (PSDQ) (1996), and Rosen’s Female Sexual Function Index (2000).
Regression analysis results implied that the adult attachment avoidance acts as a negative predictor of sexual
function. Furthermore, from among the subscales of body image, appearance acts as positive predictor of arousal,
lubrication, orgasm, and satisfaction; perseverance and power act as positive and negative predictors of arousal,
respectively. In addition, well-being plays as positive and negative predictor of satisfaction and pain subscales,
respectively. It can be deduced that the type of romantic relationship between the couples and the way they orient in
the interaction with the spouse along with the person’s mentality about one’s physical appearance and their level of
satisfaction can affect the quality of sexual relationship.

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