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The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence and adherence to treatment regimens in Patients with Cardiovascular Disorders, Iranshahr, Iran

Authors: Fatemeh Darban, Enatollah Safarzayi, Edrisa Kouhsari and Reza Karamzehi

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Cardiovascular disease is one of the main causes of death in the world and one of the major difficulties of optimal
control of this disease is the lack of adherence of patients to the therapeutic diet. Several factors such as emotional
intelligence influence the patients’ motivation for changing behavior. The aim of this study is to determine the
relationship between emotional intelligence and adherence to treatment regimens in patients with cardiovascular
disorders in Iranshahr. This study was of cross-sectional correlation type; its research units were 100 patients with
cardiovascular disorders admitted in ICU department of hospital Khatam Alanbiain Iranshahr. They were selected
as available subjects. Data collection tool was Brad Graves’ emotional intelligence questionnaire and a researcher constructed
questionnaire of the therapeutic diet compliance by heart patients; their validity and reliability had
been confirmed. For analyzing the data, the statistic software SPSS was used. The findings showed that the average
score of emotional intelligence of research units was80.6±15.0and their average score for therapeutic diet
compliance was 58.0±9.7. There was a direct relationship between the emotional intelligence and the amount of
compliance; this relationship was significant (p<0.000). Based on the findings of this study, with increasing the
emotional intelligence of patients the amount of their therapeutic diet compliance is increased. Since there is a
direct relationship between emotional intelligence and therapeutic diet compliance, it is recommended that the
working procedures are used for enhancing the emotional intelligence of patients with cardiovascular disorders.

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