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The orodental healthcare based on Islamic Traditions (Hadith)

Authors: Rahmatollah Marzband and Seyed Hosein Hosini Karnami

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016, 5, 2:36-41 | pdf PDF Full Text

Human health enjoys high position in Islamic guidelines. Quran has been introduced as book of guidance and healthcare. Accordingly, several healthcare guidelines have been proposed in Islamic texts. One of the Islamic teachings regarding health is the Islamic recommendations about orodental healthcare. The present research is intended to identify dimensions of guidelines of orodental healthcare with focus on Islamic medical- narrative teachings. Current research is based on analytical- documentary and conceptual method. In this course, primarily the Islamic Hadith (narrative traditions) about orodental healthcare were identified with referring to national data bank including Magiran, Hawzeh.net, Noormag, Jaame-al- Hadith, Jaame-al-Tafsir, Ahlebit Library, and Teb Library. After omission of Invalid narratives and discovery of authenticated and reliable narratives, various dimensions and axes of orodental healthcare were analyzed. Study on texts may indicate Islamic medical Hadith and narratives include some topics such as quality and customs of healthcare, clean nutrition and diet, intellectual intervention, and also orientation of spiritual and physical health in guidelines of orodental healthcare and these are some teachings that may be efficient toward improving healthcare in Muslim Communities.
Keywords: Care, Health, Islamic narratives, Orodental health

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