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The impact of spiritual care on the general health of cancer patients in palliative care clinic of Sayed-o Shohada Hospital in the city of Isfahan, 2013

Authors: Heydar Ali Abedi, Maryam Lali, Marzieh Ziyaee rad and Abd-ol Rahim Hazini

Int J Med Res Health Sci.398-405 | pdf PDF Full Text

In order for patients to relief cancer treatments effects and also to make an adaptation to medical problems, cancer
seeks for some intervening things. The spiritual care is among these things. Due to the special condition and chronic
disease of cancer patients, spiritual care is of a great importance. This study aims at finding the influence of
spiritual care on general health of patients suffering from cancer in palliative care clinic of Sayed-o Shohada
hospital. this study is a semi empirical study conducted in 2 phases with 2 groups in pretest and posttest design.60
cancer patients of Imam Reza clinic and the palliative medical center in there, in a statistical method in two
intervening and control groups, were examined in this study for 3 months. The general health questionnaire filled
before and after spiritual care for each group. All the obtained data of this study were coded and analyzed with
SPSS18 software in descriptive and inferential statistical methods (qui square, paired t test and independent t test).
The mean of pretest scores for general health of the intervening and control groups has got no meaningful statistical
difference.(p=0.685) But mean for general health scores in intervening group has got a meaningful and
considerable difference before and after spiritual cares.(p=0.001). Findings of this study shows that spiritual care
of cancer patients decreases the physical sign problems, anxiety, sleep disorders, depression and disorders in their
social functions. Also the research results have demonstrated that spiritual care increases the health rate of these
patients. So nurses can exploit spiritual care in order for increasing the health rate of patients.

Key words: Cancer, General health, Nurse care, Spiritual care

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