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The Impact of Increasing the Frequency and Duration of Kangaroo Mother Care on Maternal Anxiety, Maternal Attachment and the Clinical Status of Premature Infants

Authors: Mahide Shahraki Pour and Mahvash Raghibi

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Premature birth is one of the most significant challenges of healthcare systems in the world and Iran. The problems
resulted from Premature Infant Care, and the numerous complications that alter the evolution of infant have all
great impact and the characteristics of individuals, families and societies. Findings of studies have indicated that
skin-to-skin contact in the delivery unit from the first hour, and its persistence in the neonatal wards, and especially
NICU has significant impacts on the physical and emotional improvement of infants. Examining various aspects and
introducing approaches to quantitative and qualitative development of such types of care in hospitals and
supporting clinical centers of premature infants is of great importance. The purpose of this study is to determine the
impact of increasing the frequency and duration of kangaroo mother care on maternal anxiety, maternal attachment
and the clinical status of premature infants. The study has a quasi-experimental design with a population consisted
of 30 mothers and 30 infants obtained through convenient sampling method, and selected from eligible mothers and
infants in the neonatal ward of Zahedan Social Security Hospital. The results indicated that the aforementioned
intervention increases the maternal attachment and improves the clinical status of premature infants.
Keywords: Kangaroo Mother Care, KMC, attachment, Clinical status of premature infants

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