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The impact of Ecotourism on quality of life of elderly orientation

Authors: Mohsen, Ezzati, Zhaleh Refahi and Abbas Qeltash

Int J Med Res Health Sci.636-642 | pdf PDF Full Text

This study aimed to assess the impact of ecotourism on quality of life and the life orientation of the elderly people.
The method was a quasi-experimental study with pretest-posttest control group, respectively. 32 retired seniors of
Retirement Center in Shiraz departments with the lowest score in the studied variables were chosen as sample and
randomly assigned to experimental and control groups. Data collection tools were life quality questionnaire of sf-36
and life orientation questionnaire of Antonovsky. Test group experienced an ecotourism program including a oneday
entertainment program for 16 sessions across natural areas with beautiful and scapes. Analysis of the results
showed that ecotourism puts a significant impact on improving the score of life quality and orientation of the elderly
and this difference was the same between men and women samples.

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