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The Effectiveness of Teaching Problem Solving Skills on Emotional Safety of High School Female Students in Tehran Safety of High School Female Students in Tehran

Authors: Afsasane Ghaedamini and Mahdi Khorvash

Int J Med Res Health Sci.547-552 | pdf PDF Full Text

This study was aimed to examine the effectiveness of teaching the problem solving skills on emotional safety and
coping styles among the adolescents. From 700,000female high school students in Tehran, 30 subjects were selected
by a randomized clustered sampling from district 8 of education in Tehran and answered Emotional Safety
Questionnaire – Short Form. For analysis of assumptions’ information the multivariate analysis of covariance
(MANCOVA) was used and the results showed that pretest scores for both control and experimental groups have
statistically significant differences at a confidence level of 5% and therefore the problem solving skills has a
significant impact on the emotional safety.

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