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The Effectiveness of Psychodrama in Improving Quality of Life among Opiate-dependent Male Patients

Authors: Saeed Dehnavi, Mahin Bajelan, Setareh Javaher Pardeh, Hamideh Khodaviren and Zahra Dehnavi

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The current paper aimed to investigate the effectiveness of psychodrama therapy in the improvement ofthe quality
of life(QOL) for opiate-dependent male patients. It was aquasiexperimental research study, using pre-and posttesting plan with a control group. A total of 30 individuals were selected among male clients with opiate
dependence, who were referred to addiction treatment clinics in Kermanshah (Iran) and successfully passed the
detoxification programs, by a convenience sampling technique. The subjects were randomly placed into two
experimental and control groups. The experimental group participated in a twelve-session psychodrama therapy
plan for 6 weeks, while the control group received no intervention. In order to collect data, the SF-36 questionnaire
was applied. Data analysis was performed by analysis of covariance (ANCOVA). The ANCOVA results revealed
that there is a significant difference between two groups in the post-test stage. As seen from the findings, the
psychodrama intervention can be used as an effective modality to enhance the quality of life among male patients
with opiate dependence.

Keywords: Psychodrama, Quality of life, Substance Dependency, Males.

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