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The Effectiveness of Matrix Treatment to Relapse prevention and Increase Self-Efficacy in People Withdrawing Methamphetamine

Authors: Siamak Ghasemnezhad, Dariush Ghasemian, Bahram Gheytarani, Fatemeh Ghorbani and Shahrbanoo Ghahari

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Given the prevalence of narcotic substances and their effect on mental health of society people, it is important to
pay attention the matter and adopt an approach for its treatment. The research objective is to examine the
effectiveness of matrix treatment on prevent relapsing and increase self-efficacy in people withdrawing
methamphetamine. In a quasi-experimental design, methamphetamine users who referred to addiction treatment
centers on west of Gilanin 2015 and were eligible for involving criteria completed theself efficacy questionnaire.
Then among those who got low scores on this questionnaire, there were randomly selected 30 patients that were
divided into experimental and control groups (15 patients for each group). The experimental group was treated for
18 weeks and two sessions per week (36 sessions) using matrix therapeutic model. The control group remained on
waiting list. Both groups completed self-efficacy questionnaire at baseline, end and 90 days later (follow-up stage)
with urine test. The control group remained on waiting list and there were assigned only common drug treatment in
the withdrawal centers. The research data was analyzed using covariance analysis and SPSS22 software. The
results showed efficiency of matrix treatment method in preventing relapse and increasing self-efficacy for people
withdrawal methamphetamine, which this difference was statistically significant (p<0.5). Matrix-based treatmentis
effective for relapse prevention and increasing self-efficacy for people withdrawal methamphetamine.
Keywords: Matrix, relapse prevention, Self-Efficacy, Methamphetamine

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