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The effectiveness of E- learning in learning: A review of the literature

Authors: Mousazadeh Somayeh, Maryam Dehghani, Farzaneh Mozaffari, Seideh Madineh Ghasemnegad, Hamideh Hakimi, Bagherian Samaneh

Int J Med Res Health Sci.2016, 5, 2:86-91 | pdf PDF Full Text

Entry to the information age and effective life in information-oriented society requires an understanding of its
characteristics. One of the social institutions that will undergo extensive changes at this age is general and higher
education and training institutions. The aim of this review study is to evaluate the effectiveness of e learning in
learning. This paper is a review study carried out using Medline and CINAHL databases and Google search engine.
The studies used include review articles and English meta-analysis of language.Of the retrieved results,38
documents including articles, books and web sites were investigated and classified. At first, the background of e
learning was studied history and in the next section its effectiveness in learning was briefly examined. The overall
benefits of e-learning include the promotion of learning, independence and individual satisfaction, learning at
anytime, anywhere and with any background, learning without the same prerequisites, speed and process of
learning due to individual needs, individual learning along with cooperative learning, saving time and costs
significantly, the possibility of teaching and learning for all people, mutual teaching and learning, getting quick
results in learning, learning more by using multimedia and maintaining resources and reducing environmental and
audio pollution. The results of studies suggest positive effects of e-learning on learning thus it is suggested that this
approach be used more in education, which requires building the required grounds.
Keywords: E learning, effectiveness, learning

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