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The effect of subcutaneous injection duration on bruising due to Clexane (enoxaparin) injection in patients with ACS hospitalized in CCU and Post CCU wards in Vali-e Asrhospital of Fasain 2014

Authors: Bijani M., Amirkhani M., Valizadeh Gh., Seyyed Hannan Kashfi and Khani Jeihooni A.

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The aim of this study was to compare the duration of subcutaneous injection of Clexane on the bruising caused by
the same. The sample included 80 patients with ACS under treatment with Clexanein CCU and Post CCU wards.
For each patient, two 10-second subcutaneous injections (experimental group) and a 30-second injection (control
group) of Clexane were performed in the abdominal area. The interval between injections was 12 hours and the
bruising was measured using a flexible plastic ruler 48 and 60 hours after each injection. The size of bruising
caused by 30-sec. injections was significantly less than that of 10-second injections. The average size of bruising
for30-second injections in 48 and 60 hours after injection was 15.65 ±10.67 and 12.98 ± 8.12respectively. No
bruising conditions observed 48 and 60 hours after 30-second injections were significantly lower than after 10-
second injections. In most cases, bruising after 10- and 30-second injections was significantly higher in women than
in men. There was no significant difference between bruising and age. It is suggested that the subcutaneous injection
duration be increased to 30 seconds to enhance the quality of care and minimize the unpleasant and stressful
experience for patients.

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