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The Effect of Participation in Support Groups on Depression, Anxiety and Stress in Family Caregivers of People with Alzheimer’s: Randomized clinical trail

Authors: Fahimeh Taati, Fatemeh Bahramnezhad, Naima Seyedfatemi, Farshad Sharifi and Elham Navab

Int J Med Res Health Sci.256-262 | pdf PDF Full Text

This study sought to determine the effect of participation in support groups on the depression, anxiety and stress
level of caregivers of patients with Alzheimer. This study was a single blind randomized clinical controlled trial
(RCT) with 80 family caregivers of people with Alzheimer’s (per group=40). The intervention group participated in
eight sessions 1.5- 2 hours in support groups. The tool used in this study was the DASS-21 questionnaire for
measuring depression, anxiety and stress level of the caregivers, analysis of parametric data, using SPSS version
21. Findings showed, participation in support groups showed no significant difference on depression, anxiety and
stress in family caregivers of Alzheimer patients in the control group and the intervention group. Given that caring
for these patients by their family members are very sensitive and costly issues for policy makers and health service
providers, community and families of these patients.
Keyword: Support group, Care giver, Alzheimer

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