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The effect of life skills training on the Kerman city border women social health

Authors: Salehyan Maryam, Bahramnejad Ali and Nouzar Nakhaee

Int J Med Res Health Sci.217-220 | pdf PDF Full Text

This research is performed by the purpose of life skill training effect on the social life of women in the Kerman city
border. The experimental study is done by the use of pretesting plan and aft testing in the control group and 40 of
women are chosen in the control group randomly. To gather data, the social health standard questionnaire is used
with the stability of 0.78 and the validity of 0.89. The gathered information is analyzed by the use of SPSS20
software through analyzing two GIM variation and T independent and dependent tests, the result of research
showed that the life skills training has meaningful effect on the life of Kerman city border women and also the life
skill training has meaningful effect on the social solidarity and social adaptation of Kerman city women, it is
advised that the life skill training in organizations and institutions is hold in order to take required skills to make
save social relation between women.

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