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The effect of education of health-promoting behaviors on lifestyle in hemodialysis patients

Authors: Seyed Reza Borzou, Sahar Zonoori, Gholam Hussein Falahinia and Ali Reza Soltanian

Int J Med Res Health Sci.214-220 | pdf PDF Full Text

Today improve lifestyle and health promotion is a basic requirement for human society and the need for more
tangible factor in the increase in chronic diseases such as chronic kidney disease and hemodialysis process is
followed. As life expectancy increases, due to the importance of promoting behavior change. The aim of this study
was to evaluate the effect of health promoting behaviors was on the lifestyle of patients undergoing hemodialysis. In
this study, 70 patients undergoing hemodialysis training centers – medical Hamadan were selected. That is because
Hamedan only two dialysis centers, randomly one of them was selected as a test group and a control group. Of the
patients referred to the center for sampling in each group 35 patients were studied. For groups of six 30-minute
sessions on an individual basis during hemodialysis, held over three weeks in a row. Data analysis using descriptive
statistics and statistical tests of Kolmogorov – Smirnov, T and T were analyzed with SPSS version 16. In the
experimental group, health-promoting lifestyle scores before and after intervention showed significant statistical
differences (001 / 0 < p). The mean scores of health-promoting lifestyle intervention and control groups after the
intervention, there was a significant difference (p<0.05). Teaching with an emphasis on health-promoting
behaviors, hemodialysis patients was improved lifestyle. Develop and implement training programs to improve
lifestyle behaviors and health promoting effective step is hemodialysis patients.
Key words: education, health promoting behaviors, hemodialysis patients, lifestyle

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