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The Effect of Care Plan Application Based on Roy’s Adaptation Model on The Spiritual Well-Being of Elderly People in Urmia Nursing Homes

Authors: EsmaielMaghsoodi, MasoomehHemmatiMaslak Pak and Omid Naseri

Int J Med Res Health Sci.408-414 | pdf PDF Full Text

with the growing elderly population and the incidence of complications and problems associated with this period,
the need to make a positive adaptation during this important period of life, is considerable. In this regard, this is
possible to use the nursing theory and particular, Roy’s adaptation model to creation work positive with make the
incompatible and unhealthy behaviors to compatible and healthy behaviors and also improve their SWB as one if
the overall health. The present study was determine the effects of the health careplan based on Roy’s adaptation
model on the Spiritual Well-Being of elderly people In Urmia nursing homes, have been done. In this study
60persons of elderly, which had conditions related to this study, had been selected and randomly divided into
control group (30 persons) and intervention group (30 persons), were selected. Tools for Collecting data was SWB
questionnaire, which was completed in post and pre – test. The care plan was designed according to conclusions
from investigation and knowing Roy’s adaptation model and applicated in intervention group, in 2 sessions teaching
for elderly and 4 individual sessions , in order to manipulate focal stimulants in during 1.5 month and a month later
was followed. The analysis of data were done by SPSS software and by using the descriptive and inferential
statistics. The results indicate that overall mean scores below the scale dual SWB and average of SWB, after a study
of 2 groups is statistically significant (P< 0.001)
.Also the average of scores in elderly SWB in the intervention group
after care plan, was increased which, according to T-test, this increase is significant(P< 0.001). Caring plan which
based on self concept mode of Roy’s adaptation model,have positive influence in promoting the SWB of the elderly.
Therefor, it’s suggested, health caring providers and nurses by strengthen the adaptation in the elderly based on the
theories of nursing and caring plan, increase adaptation and healthy behaviors as a critical component in
promoting the SWB of the elderly

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