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The Effect of an Educational Self-Care Program on Knowledge and Performance in Patients with Coronary syndrome

Authors: Atefeh Qoli, Tahereh Nasrabadi and Ebrahim Ebrahimi Abianeh

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The most important causes for mortality rate and poor quality of life in cardiovascular patients arise from
insufficient and inappropriate self-care. This study determines the effect of an educational self- care program on
knowledge and performance in patients with Coronary syndrome. This experimental study included 70 patients with
Coronary syndrome hospitalized in Qom University hospitals. Patients were randomly assigned to experimental
(n=35) and control (n=35) groups. First, background demographic, knowledge and performance data were
collected through interview and observation. Then the patients in experiment group received 2 educational sessions
each lasting twenty minutes during the hospital stay, and also were given an educational booklet review, while
control patients received routine care. Data on all patients’ knowledge and performance was again collected at one
month after discharge. The knowledge and performance of two groups were compared using Wilcoxon and MannWhitney U tests. There was no statistically significant differences between the two groups in self-care knowledge
and performance before intervention. One month after discharge, patients from both groups reported better self care
knowledge and performance compared with their baseline, but patients from experimental group reported a
significantly more increase in self-care knowledge and performance than patients from the control group(increase
in knowledge score= 40/8vs. 57/0; z=-5/39, p< 0/001, in performance score=32/13 vs. 0.98; z= -19/49, p <0/001).
This study demonstrated that the application of an instructional self-care program raises the awareness and
improves the performance of the patients with Coronary syndrome.

Keywords: Patient Education, self -care, Coronary syndrome, heart diseases

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