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The Effect of 8 weeks of combined training on the angle of lumbar lordosis and pain of women suffering from sciatica pain

Authors: Behnaz Karimi and Nader Rahnama

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Chronic low back pain is among the most commonly pains caused by malfunctions, poor physical condition, and
mental stresses. Various non-surgical methods are recommended to reduce pain, to maintain mobility, and to
minimize disability in patients. The main objective of this study was to determine the impact of 8 weeks of combined
exercises on lumbar lordosis angle, pain, and quality of life of females suffering from sciatic pain. In this study, 15
female patients participated aged between 30 and 50 years with low back pain, sciatic pain, and lumbar lordosis.
Lumbar lordosis angle (flexible ruler) and pain (McGill questionnaire) of patients before and after 8 weeks of
exercise were evaluated. Data were analyzed using t-test (P<0.05). In this study, no significant difference was found
in lumbar lordosis angle of sciatica patients before (± 0.1 43.2) and after the exercises (0.8 ± 34.2)
(p<0.05).Significant difference was observed in pain perceptions between the before (0.8 ± 2.6) and after exercises
(0.5 ± 1.8), emotional perceptions of pain between before (0.26 ± 1.4) and after exercises (0.3 ± 1.9) and various
pain perceptions between before (0.6 ± 2.2) and after exercises (0.2 ± 1.5) (P<0.05). It can be concluded that
hydrotherapy exercises along with on land exercises can improve lumbar lordosis and pain in patients with sciatic
pain. Therefore, it can be recommended as a modality for these patients.

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