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The Dimensions of health system performance evaluation with emphasis on the coverage of the vulnerable groups in Iran

Authors: Shahri S, Tabibi S J, Nasiripour A and Ghaffari F

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Evaluation is an integral part of any executive job and activity using of information measurable improvement is followed in administrative activities as a main aim .This study was conducted with aim of determine factors evaluating the performance of health systems based on structural equation modeling. In this descriptive analytical and practical. This study was conducted during 2015. 419 experts participated in this study. Data collection was conducted through researcher made questionnaire. Validity of the questionnaire in the way of their content validity and reliability by using Cronbach’s alpha coefficient (0.94) was confirmed. Data were analyzed using the software SPSS 22 and LISREL 8.8. Findings revealed that variable healthcare service delivery with impact factor 0.79 is the most important factor affecting the assessment of health system performance and variable equitable access to health services was in second place with impact factor of 0.72 after variable of health care delivery. Variables stewardship, financial resources, protection against financial risks and resource generation respectively with
impact factor of0.69, 0.58, 0.58 and 0.54 in evaluating the performance of the health system was in third place to sixth. Considering the dimensions of health system performance can be pay evaluating the performance tailored to conditions in the country in order to the objectives of the health system.

Keywords: health system, evaluation dimensions, performance, coverage, vulnerable populations

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