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The comparison of the impact of lavender and Valerian aromatherapy on reduction of the active phase among Nulliparous women: A double blind randomized controlled trial

Authors: Mahin Kamalifard, Abbas Delazar, Nilofar Satarzade, Mojgan Mirghafourvand and Rana Dousti

Int J Med Res Health Sci.532-538 | pdf PDF Full Text

One of the important points in health care of nulliparous women is reduced pain, anxiety coping and reduced
delivery time. Aromatherapy is one of the effective non-pharmacological methods. The present study is aimed to
evaluate the impact of lavender and Valerian aromatherapy on reduction of active phase among nulliparous women.
A double blind randomized controlled trial was conducted on 141 nulliparous women. The subjects were assigned
using randomized blocking to three groups of Lavender, Valerian and placebo. Lavender group inhaled lavender
essence with concentration 1.5% with olive oil, valerian group inhaled valerian essence with concentration 1.5%
with olive oil and placebo group inhaled olive oil each hour for 10 minutes. There was no statistically significant
difference between three groups in terms of individual, social and midwifery characteristics (mother-child)
(P>0.05). There was a significant difference in the mean of active phase of delivery in three groups (P<0.001).
Valerian group had significantly the lowest active phase (P<0.001). The active phase duration of lavender was
significantly lower than that of placebo group (P<0.003) The results showed that apgar of the infant at the first and
fifth minutes, the age mean and weight were similar in three groups (P>0.05). Lavender and valerian aromatherapy
reduced active phase duration among nulliparous women and this reduction was higher in valerian than that of

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