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The Comparison between Two Methods for the Relief of Knee Osteoarthritis Pain: Radiofrequency and Intra-Periarticular Ozone Injection: A Clinical Trial Study

Authors: Masoud Hashemi, Bahram Naderi Nabi, Alia Saberi, Abbas Sedighinejad, Mohammad Haghighi, Farnoush Farzi and Gelareh Biazar

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Knee osteoarthritis is not always well controlled by usual treatments, therefore new therapeutic methods such as
radiofrequency and ozone injection should be investigated. Comparing the efficacy of two methods: radiofrequency
and intra-periarticular ozone injection. This randomized clinical trial study was performed in an academic Pain
Clinic of Guilan University of Medical Sciences in Iran from September 2014 to June 2015. The research was
carried out on seventy-two patients, were randomly allocated in two groups by triple blocks. thirty-six patients in
ozone group received intra-periarticular ozone injection and 36 patients in RF group, after a positive diagnostic
genicular nerve blocks received Conventional Radiofrequency(CRF)and then intra articular Pulse
Radiofrequency(PRF). The evaluation was based on Visual Analog Scale (VAS) and Oxford Knee Score (OKS)
before and 12 weeks after the procedure. The analysis was performed by paired t-test, Fisher, Chi square and
Mann-Whitney-U tests in SPSS version18. In Ozone group the mean of initial OKS was 38.77±7.75 compare to
41.22±7.44 in RF group. After 12 weeks, it diminished to 21.77±7.78 and 22±6.21 respectively (p=0.0001). In
Ozone group VAS decreased from 9±1.43 to 3.38±1.79 (p=0.0001) while in RF group from 9.44±0.85 to 2.77±1.06
(p=0.0001). Comparing two methods, there was no significant difference between two groups based on
OKS(p=0.23) and VAS (p=0.202). Also RF resulted in more acceptable pain relief based on OKS among subjects
older than 65 years (p=0.0001). Both radiofrequency and intra-periarticular ozone injection have good clinical
effects on knee osteoarthritis with superiority of radiofrequency in age above 65 years old.
Keywords: Knee osteoarthritis, Ozone, Radiofrequency, Pulse Radiofrequency

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