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The comparative analysis of the modal verbs in three Surahs: “Yasin, Al-Rahman and Yusuf” and their contrastive Persian and English translations

Authors: Mehrzad Mansooriand Marzieh Afshari

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Modal verbs are one of the means for expressing the modality and they generally deal with the certainty and
uncertainty of a sentence from the listener’s perspective. The objective of the present study is to find and count the
modal auxiliaries used in the context of Surah Ar-Rahman and Surah Yasin and their Persian and English
equivalents and translations will also be presented in the related sections of the current study. The present study
methodology is of the descriptive-analytical style therefore to find an answer to the study questions the verbs have
been collected and excerpted from the book “Mo’jam Al-‘A’rab” and the findings of the study indicate that in
Arabic language modality is not existing in the form it is applied in Persian and English languages. To the same
reason, the modal auxiliary verbs were collected from the translations and they were compared with the original

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