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The Assessment of Patient Clinical Outcome: Challenges, Methods, and Conceptual Limitations

Authors: Hourani, Mou’ath A. and Shambour Qusai Y.

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The patient clinical outcome assessment is a very important factor in order to guarantee the patient safety. It is the
assessment of patient outcome in respect of mental status, symptoms, or impact of ill health on how the patient
functions. This assessment aims to improve the quality of health care in general by predicting the performance of
any therapeutic option in terms of benefits or harms. Due to the importance of this field, an in-depth review of
current issues regarding the assessment of patient clinical outcome should be carried out. Accordingly, this paper go
over three main points: 1) the challenges involved in the assessment of patient clinical outcome; 2) a number of the
existing methods for patient clinical outcome assessment; and 3) a discussion of the general conceptual limitations
and difficulties of patient outcome quantitative assessment. This paper will advance the understanding of the
assessment of patient clinical outcome field in regards to its challenges, methods and conceptual limitations.
Key-words: Assessment; Patient; Clinical; Outcome; Methods.

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