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Surgical therapeutic management of perforated peptic ulcer

Authors: Ana Karla de Sousa Almeida, Clara Rafael Silva Xavier, Lucas de Faria Barros Medeiros, Joanna de Andrade Cordeiro, AmáliaCínthia Menezes Rêgoand IramiAraújo-Filho

Int J Med Res Health Sci.57-61 |

Perforated peptic ulcer is an emergency should be readily corrected by surgical approach to reduce potential damage and the risk of mortality associated with the extension frame. The option of handling most commonly used  by surgeons is laparotomy, however, there is evidence pointing to approach laparoscopically like a viable, safe and with good results for their treatment. Therefore, it is appropriate to evaluate the data about each management and minimally invasive procedure, laparoscopy if overcomes the open surgical approach regarding the laparotomy regarding the treatment of patients with this condition.

Keywords: peptic ulcer perforated; laparoscopic surgical procedure; operative surgical procedure; conversion to open surgery, surgery, laparoscopy.

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