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Successful implementation effect of insurance services in money and capital financial markets

Authors: NematTahmasebi, SairanTahmasebi, DelaramTahmasebi and SoranMowlaie

Int J Med Res Health Sci.400-407 | pdf PDF Full Text

One of the most important sectors of the economy of each country is capital market. Economic growth can lead to
the development and prosperity of the capital market. On the other hand to achieve the desired economic
development, without existence of effective financial institutions and appropriate equipment of financial resources, it
is impossible. In this regard, efficient financial systems through seeking information about investment opportunities,
integrate and mobilize savings, monitoring investments and exert corporate governance can facilitate the exchange
of goods and services, distribution and risk management, reducing transaction costs and data analysis may lead to
better allocation of resources and ultimately economic growth. Insurance companies and generally insurance
industry in each country is the most important and active financial institutions operating in the financial market
especially capital markets in addition to securing economic activity could have basic role in mobility of financial
markets and providing funds to invest in the economic activity through the provision of insurance services. In this
study, successful financial services of insurance and investment funds in insurance companies such as Dana, Alborz,
and Asia have been studied in Tehran. According to the hypothesis, there is a significant correlation between
successful implementation of insurance services and money and capital financial markets. There is a significant
correlation between different types of insurance services (institution-building, instrument making, and general
insurance policies) and money and capital financial markets.

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