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Study on the effect of exclusive breastfeeding education on breastfeeding self-efficacy in mothers referring to affiliated hospitals of Medical Sciences Universities in Tehran during 2010-2011

Authors: Leila Mirshekari, Mehrbanou Amirshahi, Zohreh-Sadat Hashemi bonjar, Fereshteh Narouei , Fereshteh Mobasheri , Maliheh Faraji , Marzieh Mirshekari and Aziz Shahraki-Vahed

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Breastfeeding saves the lives of more than half a million infants in a year and cause strong
emotional relationship between mother and child and their psychosocial development of
personality. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effect of exclusive breastfeeding education
on mothers’ breastfeeding self-efficacy and stress. This experimental study with clinical trial
has randomly selected three hospitals from hospitals affiliated to medical sciences universities
of Tehran with intensive care units for premature infants, and 100 eligible nulliparous mothers
were sampled during three months. Mothers are randomly classified into case and control
groups (each group with 50 samples). The case group received breastfeeding education and
educational booklet, but control group received no education. A month later, the samples reanswered
to questionnaires. Data is collected through questionnaires and analyzed by
descriptive and inferential statistics, T-test, paired-t, and Chi-Square tests. The results indicate
that there is a significant difference between breastfeeding self-efficacy in pre and posteducational
case group, so that education has significant effect on breastfeeding self-efficacy
(t=10.7, p<0.01). Breastfeeding education especially in premature infants increases the
mothers’ breastfeeding self-efficacy, and thus the mothers with premature infants require
special breastfeeding education.
Keywords: Education, breastfeeding self-efficacy, exclusive breastfeeding, premature infant

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