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Study of the relationship between sleep quality and prevalence of delirium in patients undergoing cardiac surgery

Authors: Mohammad Ali Cheraghi, Mahsa Hazaryan, Fatemeh Bahramnezhad, Farshid Mirzaeipour and Hamid Haghani

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low sleep quality and delirium in hospitalized patients is common and occurs at the same time but their relationship
is unclear. The aim of this study is “to determine the relationship between sleep and the prevalence of delirium in
patients undergoing cardiac surgery”. This analytical-descriptive study was conducted on patients undergoing
cardiac surgery in educational hospital affiliated to Medical Sciences University of Tehran in 2014. 44 patients
were studied by available method. The incidence of delirium in patients was assessed twice daily on the second to
fifth day after surgery through the CAM-ICU scale (Confusion Assessment Method -ICU).Also sleep of patients on
the second day after surgery was assessed using Pittsburgh Sleep Quality scale. Data were analyzed using
statistical tests of Chi-square, Mann-Whitney and Fisher’s exact test under16 SPSS software. There is a significant
relationship between demographic characteristics and the prevalence of delirium. (52.5%) of patients had good
sleep quality. The results of Fisher’s exact test showed there was a significant difference between the sleep disorder
and the prevalence of delirium (P=0.007). Due to the significant relationship between sleep quality and prevalence
of delirium, the need to use a program of prevention from sleep deprivation in the clinical nursing instructions in
hospitals is essential particularly critical and surgery wards.

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