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Spontaneous fundal uterine rupture in a grandmultipara; an unusual site of rupture


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Adoke AU, Ukwu AE,Shehu CE, Burodo A, Singh S
Int J Med Res Health Sci.2014;3(4):1034-1036  | | DOI:10.5958/2319-5886.2014.00047.2


Uterine rupture is an obstetric emergency and a catastrophe with attendant maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. It is not uncommon in unscarred uterus, but commonly occurs in uterus with one or more previous scar. We present a case of rupture of the fundus of the uterus in a multipara at 34 weeks with previous history of repeated episode of retained placenta that was manually removed. Repeated manual removal of retained placenta may have resulted in infection, scarring and weakness of the uterine wall. This could predispose the patient to uterine rupture as the pregnancy advances.

Keyword: Fundus, Placenta, Scarring

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