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Specifying nurse’s experiences of risk management is one of the patient security challenges in social security hospital: A phenomenological approach

Authors: Sedighe Teimuri and Minou Mottaghi

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Patient safety is regarded as prevention and damage adjustment due to elimination of errors related to mentioned
hygienic care which decreases the mistakes by the help of applying practical methods and causes not occurrence of
events. So this study was conducted aimed at specifying the experiences of nurses as a challenge to patient safety in
social security hospital of Zahedan in 2015. This study is a qualitative research with a phenomenological approach.
Participants of this study have been selected from nurse population on the basis of purposeful sampling. The
sampling continued until the completeness of the data. 14 participants of this study consist of 2 supervisors, 1 head
nurse and 11 nurses aged from 22-45 years old and all married. Data collection developed through deep,
nonstructural interviews which were tape recorded and transcribed word by word. The data were then analyzed in
Collaizzi’s7 step method. At the end of interview analysis, 130 codes were elicited and two themes were drawn
named risk management and human resources management. Risk management consists of sub concepts; the policy
of punishments of managers, inefficient management of medical errors and human resources management include
sub concepts; The shortage of nurse forces, inefficient selection of nurses and increase in authenticity requirements.
inefficient risk management is one of the most important patient safety challenges related to medical errors which
should be specifically taken into account and intensify the encouragement system and the policy of not punishing
nurses should be used in order to remove the mentioned challenges related to establishment of patient safety system.

Key words: risk management, safety challenges, patients.

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