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Serological Survey of Broiler Flocks with High Mortality in Southern Iran

Authors: Gholam Hossein Habibi and Mohammad Mehdi Hadipour

Int J Med Res Health Sci.355-358 | pdf PDF Full Text

Currently, the poultry industry has an important position in producing protein products. On the other hand, it is
necessary to identify diseases specific to a region that lead to poultry loss in that region. We aimed to assess the
serology of broiler flocks with high mortality rates in southern Iran during 2014-2015. After the referral of 40
insured poultry owners experiencing high mortality rates, serum samples were obtained in two stages with 2-week
intervals. 3200 serum samples were collected from broiler farms in southern Iran during a 2-year period and
transferred gradually to the laboratory. Influenza, bronchitis, and Newcastle viruses were the most important
causes of infection and the mean amount of mortalities was 25%. Also, influenza was the most important factor
leading to mortality in the region. On the other hand, the low virulence influenza strain and the bronchitis virus
were accompanied by secondary infection and my coplasma. In southern Iran, the organisms causing the highest
rate of infection were the influenza and bronchitis viruses.

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