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Review of the Impact of Nursing Care before Endoscopy on Anxiety and Stress and Depression and Pain of the Elderly Patients Visiting Esfahan’s Al-Zahra Hospital in 2015

Authors: Rezvan Shekari and Shayesteh Salehi

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Endoscopy is repeatedly studied in clinical reviews due to the various medical applications and explicit diagnostic
advantages that it has. The number of the individuals who suffer from anxiety and fear when they do endoscopy is
warningly high and it is necessary to do some attempts so that their fear and worrisome would be overcome. By
eliminating such a harmful feeling, patients endure endoscopy easier and the doctors of the endoscopy section can
do the endoscopy without tension. This research is a semi-experimental one which has been conducted with the
clinical experimental method in one of the hospitals associated with Esfahan’s university of medical sciences. The
number of the studied units was equal to 70 elderly patients who were the candidates for endoscopy. And the
patients requiring endoscopy who had visited Al-Zahra hospital in November of 2015 were selected through census
and then they were divided into two groups of control and experimental group. Information gathering tools included
personal information questionnaire, assessment of pain intensity the 21-question questionnaire DASS. The research
findings showed that in the experimental group the mean of score of anxiety before and after the experiment has
been significantly reduced (P=0.023). On the other hand, in the experimental group, the mean of score of stress
before and after the experiment was indicative of the fact that the level of stress has been significantly reduced
(P<0.001). Also in the experimental group, the mean of score of depression before and after the experiment
indicated that the level of depression has not had a significant reduction (P=0.08). Ultimately, the pain intensity has
had a significant different in the two groups (P<0.001). Nursing care before endoscopy has an impact on reduction
of anxiety, stress and pain of the patients but it has not had an impact on the reduction of patients’ depression.

Keywords: Nursing Care, Elderly, Pain, Anxiety, Stress, Depression

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