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Retinoblastoma in a 12 year old girl: A case report


Int J Med Res Health Sci. |

Authors: Odogu V, Udoye E, Azonobi IR
Int J Med Res Health Sci. 2014;3(2):441-444 |  |DOI:10.5958/j.2319-5886.3.2.089


Retinoblastoma, although a common ocular childhood tumour is rare in the older age groups. It present commonly as leucocoria and strabismus especially in the younger age groups. However in older children, its presentation may be atypical. We report a case of retinoblastoma in a 12 year old girl who initially presented with features of non specific inflammatory external ocular disease and later with proptosis and weight loss. Non response to ealier treatment prompted an enucleation whose specimen reveal a histological diagnosis of retinoblastoma.

Keywords:Retinoblastoma, Enucleation, Proptosis

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