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Relationship Between Religious Spiritual Well-Being and Death Anxiety in Iranian Elders

Authors: Mahboubeh Dadfar, Fazel Bahrami, Farshad Sheybani Noghabi, and Malek Askari

Int J Med Res Health Sci.283-287 | pdf PDF Full Text

The present study aimed to examine the relationship between religious spiritual well-being and death anxiety among
Iranian elders. Subjects were 146 volunteer elders. They were selected by a convenient sampling. Instruments were
Multidimensional Inventory of Religious Spiritual Well-Being (MI RSWB 48) the Arabic Scale of Death Anxiety
(ASDA) factors. On the MI RSWB 48 and the ASDA, there were no significant association between religious
spiritual well-being and death anxiety total scores. There were significant association between Hope Transcendent
(HT), and Experiences of Sense and Meaning (SM) subscales of MI RSWB 48. Limitations of the present study were
using of self-report scales, selectin of anold-age sample, a Muslim reliogion and an Iranian culture. Present results
can be considered in the religious spiritual oriented interventions for reducing of death anxiety for elders in Muslim
Kerwords: Religiousity, spirituality, well-being, death anxiety, elders, Muslim, Islam, Iran

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