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Relationship between nurse’s general health and their personal occupational traits in Al-Zahra Hospital of Isfahan, 2015

Authors: MahnazAdibi,MinooMotaghiandBehnazTorkan

Int J Med Res Health Sci.102-106 | pdf PDF Full Text

Health state is one of the most important factors in their life. Individuals may be subject to threatening factors in
different ways. Nurses are one main group of community whose health may be threatened due to their occupational
environment. Therefore, this study aimed at investigating general health of nurses and their personal occupational
traits. Method: This study is correlation-descriptive research. Statistical population consists of 220 nurses working
in Al-Zahra hospital selected by random sampling. Instrument of this study includes a demographic questionnaire
and a standard Goldberg 28-question questionnaire. The data were analyzed by SPSS software. Findings: in this
study, nurses are subject to occupational events, physical and chemical harmful materials, biologic harmful
materials, mental/ ergonomic harmful occupational factors. And there exists relation between their general health
and their age, number of children and marital status. But no relation has been seen with their surgery records, rate
of sport they do, vaccination, the unit in which they work, their occupational environment, their occupational record
and posts.

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