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Relationship between Emotional Awareness and Social Creativity in Primary School Students

Authors: Vahid Moradkhah and Mahboobeh Alborzi

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The present research reviews the relationship between emotional awareness and social creativity. The participants
of this research were 234 (120 girls and 114 boys) of the primary school students of the four districts of Shiraz
which were selected as the sample unit of the class with the multi-steps clustering sampling method and they filled
out the social creativity and emotional awareness questionnaires. The results of the statistical analyses indicated
that positive and significant predictor among all of the dimensions of emotional awareness was the dimension of
analysis of emotions and the dimension of showing emotions was the significant and negative predictor of social
creativity and also the total score of emotional awareness could not predict the social creativity ofprimary school
students. In addition, the results obtained from the independent t-test indicated that there is not significance
difference between the emotional awareness of girls and boys; however, the average score of girls in the dimension
of innovation and their total score of social creativity is significantly more than boys.

Keyword: Social Creativity, Emotional Awareness, Primary School Students

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