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Relationship between attachment styles and body image with controlling the age on sexual motivation of women

Authors: Farinaz Fatahi mozafar, Farhad Jomehri and Hamidreza Hossein Shahi baravati

Int J Med Res Health Sci.692-696 | pdf PDF Full Text

In order to investigate the relationship between attachment style and body image with controlling the age on the
sexual motivation of women, 200 females who selected through available sampling method, assessed via adult
attachment questionnaire (AAQ), scale of body image (BIRS) and emotional and motivational orientation related to
sexual arousal (AMORE). The data were analyzed. The results show that there is a relationship between attachment
styles and body image and sexual behavior in all motivated eight sub-scales. In addition, insecure-avoidant
attachment style could predict six of these motives (except non-secret pleasure and breeding) and ambivalent
insecure attachment anxiety could predict the motives release of tension. As well as body image have a negative
relationship with dimensions of self-worth, release from tension and with birth. No significant linear relationship
between body image and aging was found, but the dimensions of the feeling of worth, spouse respect, the release of
tension, the experience of an authority of spouse, pleasure seeking and age is a negative correlation was observed

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