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Registration/Licensure: Essential Need of Nursing Regulation in Iran

Authors: FatemehOskouie, Ahmad Nejatian, SoroorParvizy, NooredinMohammadi, Mohammad Reza Sheikhi and RaziyehGhafouri

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Registration/licensure is particularly important in regulation of health system, because public protection, safe and
dignity care are the most important goal in health regulation. Registration/licensure of care providers is a solution
to for achievement of this goal. Registration/licensure is not a new subject in nursing. Most of the countries,
including Iran are focused on nursing Registration/licensure and its planning has been on the agenda of policy
makers. This study comparatively describes nursing registration/licensure process in different countries including
Iran. this was a descriptive comparative study. The relevant articles and texts were extracted from the websites Ovid
PUBMED, Science Direct, CINHAL and ProQuest by using the keywords such as registration/licensure assessment,
registration/licensure examination, regulation and nursing. A total of 22 articles, one WHO declaration and report
of International Council of Nurses and regulation of Iranian nursing registration/licensure assessment were
selected based on inclusion criteria by qualitative evaluation. Inclusion criteria included articles related to nursing
registration/licensure in English and Farsi (Persian). Validity and qualitative evaluation of articles were measured
by using qualitative article evaluation form developed by Ryan et al in 2007. Registration/licensure process is
different in different countries. A national or state-supervised nursing council, association or board is responsible
for registration/licensure. In different countries, registration/licensure requires a nursing certification (Diploma,
Associate, Bachelor and Master of Nursing) in accordance with education system of that country, physical and
mental health, criminal clearances and clinical experience. In some countries, registration/licensure requires a
certification of skilled nursing exam. Comparison of regulations of different countries in terms of nursing
registration/licensure is influenced by type of legislation, government regulations and socio-economic, political and
cultural background of those countries. Assessment of regulation/licensure has positive outcomes for professional
staff and care recipients. In Iran, assessment of regulation/licensure will have very positive outcomes in nursing
profession and health system. The most important outcomes include ensured regulation/licensure, ethical and
psychological competence of care providers in providing the best care with the highest quality.

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