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Quality of life in medical sciences

Authors: Pooneh Yousefi, Sepehr Rasekhi and Hossein Heshmati

Int J Med Res Health Sci.43-46 | pdf PDF Full Text

Quality of life is a concept that reflects a measurement of various issues of health status. Several definitions were considered to include individual’s different dimensions, in past century. As a result, this term is a collection of beliefs, culture, economy and moral aspects, which also plays a key role in examining the health status of individuals. This is a way of capturing the general context of patients similar to common laboratory or clinical tests. This was considerable in chronic diseases and gradually turned into an index for evaluating the effect of diseases, therapies and healthcare. In fact, the importance of assessing quality of life in medical sciences has been observed in the choice of the most accurate therapeutic strategy in the process of differential diagnosis and subsequently in the clinical outcome of patients. Despite there has been increased investigations in relation to the effects of quality of life in medicine, there is a lack of comparison surrounding the characteristics of this term. Thus, present paper reviews multi-dimentional considerations of quality of life in medical sciences.

Key words: Health, Quality of life, Medical science

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