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Production and Optimization of Alkaline Lipase by a Novel Psychrotolerant and Halotolerant Strain Planomicrobium okeanokoites ABN-IAUF-2 Isolated from Persian Gulf

Authors: Elham Akbari, Keivan Beheshti-Maal and Hashem Nayeri

Int J Med Res Health Sci.139-148 | pdf PDF Full Text

lipases have many different applications in detergents, cleaners, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, pulp and paper production and leather industry, but the extremophile lipases have more range applications. These enzymes are resistant to the high salty, temperature and alkaline conditions. Halophiles were isolated from Persian Gulf, Iran at 20°C in the presence of 10% NaCl. For screening the lipase producing bacteria, Rhodamine B agar and minimal medium were used. Then in order to find the best growth condition for the production of lipase, singlefactor optimization was carried out. The best environmental conditions and their interactions for lipase production were obtained using 16 levels Taguchi statistical test. The WS4 isolate indicated a good lipase activity. The 16srDNA sequencing revealed that the WS4 isolate was Planomicrobium okeanokoites. We named this novel strain  Planomicrobium okeanokoites ABN-IAUF-2 and its 16s-rDNA sequence was deposited in GenBank, NCBI, under accession number of KP403724. The most enzyme production was measured after 72 hours incubation at 20°C in the presence of hazelnut oil as carbon source and yeast extract as nitrogen source and pH 7. The analysis of Taguchi test showed that the most effective factors in enzyme production were carbon source with 54.65% and nitrogen source with 19% of effectiveness. This is the first report of alkaline lipase production by Planomicrobium okeanokoites. This lipase was resistant to low-temperature and 15% saline, so it has wide applications in medical as well as microbial biotechnology.

Key words: Alkaline Lipase, Halotolerant, Optimization, Psychrotolerant, Planomicrobium okeanokoites, Taguchi Statistical Test

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