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Predicting marital satisfaction on the basis of early maladaptive schema in married women, Tehran, Iran

Authors: Saeed Seyed Esmaili, Ali Zade Mohammadi, Mohammad Hakami

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Early maladaptive schemes are cognitive, emotional and self-injurious patterns repeated throughout the life. Family
is a natural social system in which couples have major role in the all of stages of its development, and many factors
play a role in their marital satisfaction. Marital satisfaction is adopting expectations of couples of marital life. The
aim of this study was to determine the relationship between early maladaptive scheme with marital satisfaction and
identification of predicting factors on marital satisfaction. This was a correlational cross-sectional method study.
The population includes all married female persons referring to Tehran municipal regions. We used early
maladaptive schemas questionnaire and Enrich marital satisfaction questionnaire for evaluation in participants.
Descriptive tests, Pearson correlation test, T-Test, One Way ANOVA Test and Multivariate Regression Test were
used for description and analysis of data. The mean age of samples in this study was 31.60±5.12 years old. There
was significant relationship between age with Dependence/Incompetence (P=0.033), Self-sacrifice (P=0.010),
Entitlement/Grandiosity (P=0.042), Impaired autonomy and performance (P=0.019), Abandonment/Instability
(P=0.007). Linear regression analysis showed emotional deprivation and unrelenting standards/hypocriticalness
subscales can predict marital satisfaction adversely. They can predict significantly 26% of marital satisfaction
changes (P<0.001). we concluded that early maladaptive schema can predict the marital satisfaction negatively and
of important role in its improvement or regression.

Keywords: Early Maladaptive Scheme, Marital Satisfaction, Marriage, Female

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