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Physicochemical study of some types of Algerian honeys

Authors: Djahida. Nabti, Mohamed Achou and Fatma Moulka Hadjira Braia

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The modern bee-keeping proposes various types of honeys of floral and geographical origin, of very varied savor
and aspect. It is often the only source of sugar of the most withdrawn indigenous populations of the tropical forests.
Good for health, honey is also for the environment. The present manuscript is to determine its physicochemical
characteristics, six types of samples were collected in various areas of the East of Algeria. These honeys are
analyzed for the determination of the pH, the water content, electric conductivity, the ashes content, acidity, and the
content of hydroxyl methylfurfural (HMF), the index of diastase (I.D). The results showed that there were
differences of a honeys samples to the other and they which they all answer almost the international norms. The
physicochemical analyzes studied is to control quality of Algerian honey who is considered an indicator of the
environmental pollution.
Keywords: Honey, physicochemical parameters, quality of honey, floral origin, environment.

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