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Outsourcing of Primary Health Cares: Which Activities?

Authors: Sayed Mahdi Madani, Amir Ashkan Nasiripour, Seyed Jamaleddin Tabibi and Pouran Raeissi

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the primary health cares are among the individuals’ primary rights and their outsourcing can pave the way to more
suitable use of resources for the field inside and outside of the organization and in this way make possible the better
cares. The aim of this study was to determine the type of primary health cares that can be outsourced in Iran; this
study embarked upon specifying which one, among the primary health cares, has ability of being outsourced by
contractors outside the organization. This applied study has been done by a descriptive and cross-sectional method.
According to the other studies at first a general framework was founded; hence the main framework with respect to
the opinions of 30 experts. Thereafter a questionnaire was compiled for ensuring its correctness and gathering other
experts’ opinions. The method of experts’ judgment was used for validity and for its reliability with distribution of
30 copies the method of calculating Cronbach’ salpha, which was 0.925. Then it was distributed among experts and
786 questionnaires were completed and collected; by using the method of factor of factor and confirmatory analysis
as well as the descriptive statistics we embarked upon investigating and deducing the results. For statistical
investigation the software SPSS21 and AMOS20 were used. In the factor of outsourcing activities one factor only
covering 55.25% of variables variance was discovered. The results suggest that the item q10, “possibility of
outsourcing the concrete activities”, with factor load of 0.791 and the item q6, “outsourcing and standardization”,
with factor load of 0.668 have respectively the highest load and the lowest one in the definition of the factor of cares
of outsourcing. The more the primary health cares are more concrete, more simple, more standardized and have the
further differentiability, their successful outsourcing is highly possible; in addition only those activities are able to
be outsourced that can legally be taken charge by non-governmental sector.
Keywords: primary health cares, outsourcing, transferring the health services, PHC of contract work, health services

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