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Nurses’ lived experience of Strategies for tackling with moral challenges in caring for comatose patients: A phenomenological study

Authors: Jamal Seidi, Alireaza Nikbakht Nasrabadi, Kian Zobeiryand Nasrin Aliramaei

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Comatose patients deal with numerous moral challenges at ICU. The nurses have a significant role in recognizing
these challenges and the approach to deal with them. Thus, the present study aims at clarifying nurses’ lived
experience for dealing with the moral challenges in caring for comatose patients. This qualitative study was done
applying a phenomenological approach at Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences from 2014 to 2015. Having
done a purposeful sampling 10-experienced nurse was selected. The data was collected using 14 semi-structured indepth
interviews. Data collection was continued to achieve a rich interpretation of the content and themes
saturation. Data analysis was done applying Van Manen’s six-step method. In data analysis, 5 main themes were
driven from the nurses’ experiences. These themes include resistance-focused flexibility, counselling guidelines,
supportive participation, professional caring, and moral caring. The themes driven from the present study can be
applied by hospital managers in dealing with moral challenges in caring for comatose patients. These themes are
effective and helpful strategies for turning threats into opportunities in taking care of comatose patients.

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