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Nurses’ Immigration: Causes and Problems

Authors: SousanValizadeh, HadiHasankhaniand VahidShojaeimotlagh

Int J Med Res Health Sci.486-491 | pdf PDF Full Text

Immigration of those working in the health sector (including nurses) as parts of the intellectual assets of a country is
of great political, social and economic importance. Due to its influence on the efficiency and effectiveness of the
healthcare system, lack of nurses is one of the major concerns in many developing countries. Meanwhile, the
availability of various incentives encouraging the nurses to immigrate to other countries is another cause which has
further complicated the situation in the countries of origin. Problems such as job dissatisfaction, social or political
unrest and less social welfare are some of the factors that increase the pace of this immigration. The present review
article seeks to study the causes of nurses’ immigration, the problems caused by it and possible solutions.

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