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No Evidence of Association between ToxocaracanisInfection and Cancer Risk

Authors: Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi, Ahmad Hosseini-Safa, Hossein Mahmoudvand, Mehran BaghBahadorani, ShayanMostafaei and Hossein YousofiDarani

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Nowadays, it has been proven that infection with some pathogens, such as certain viruses, bacteria, and parasites, is
one of the most important and preventable causes of cancer worldwide. Human toxocariasis is a helminthic
zoonosis infection caused by the larvae of the ascarid worms of Toxocara spp. The present study aims to evaluate
the seroprevalence anti-T. canis antibodies among cancer patients from Isfahan province, Central, Iran. A total of
97 patients including 16 prostate, 48 gastrointestinal tracks (GIT), and 33 breast cancer patients referred to the
Seyedo-Shohada hospital in Isfahan city, central Iran and 30 healthy volunteers as control group were screened for
IgG anti-T. canis antibody by enzyme linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA). Structured questionnaires were used to
obtain information on risk factors for T. canis infection. Totally, 3 (2.4%) samples from both groups were found
seropositive for anti-T. canis antibodies. None of the 16 prostate cancer patients were positive for anti-Toxocara
antibody; whereas 4.2% (2/48) and 3.1% (1/33) of GIT and breast cancer patients were found positive for anti-T.
canis antibodies, respectively. There was no significant difference in T. canis IgG positivity between the cancer
patients and control group (p= 0.2). The results showed contact with dog was not associated with the seropositivity
of T. canis. According to the obtained results, there was no evidence of association between T. canis infection and
cancer risk. However, further studies should explore T. canis-related effects on cancer risk in larger sample size.

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